Tanzola Professional Sample Spray Tan Solution- 120 ml



Tanzola Professional Spray Tan Sample - 120 ml Bottle

Trial Our Professional Solution To See If You’re Ready To Be Transformed into the Tanzola Feeling.
Tanzola Double Dark is a 10% DHA green bronzer solution 
Tanzola Quad Dark is a 15% DHA spray tan solution with a Violet base


What Results Should You Expect? 

VIOLET: Best for yellow/olive undertones  and skin types 2-5 and for those that tan easily – will produce a rich "ash" like glow 

DOUBLE DARK : Best for pink/cool undertones and skin types 1-3 for those that don’t tan well – will produce a warmer sun kissed result

BLEND OF BOTH BASES: Best suited for neutral skin tones – will produce a rich bronze result


Note: Each solution can be used on all skin types. Skin types from 1-3 can wear both solutions with a reduced development time