Tanzola Double Dark 10% Professional Spray Tan Solution 2 Litre BUNDLE


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Tanzola Professional Spray Tan Solution

Double Dark- 10% DHA


vegan & NOT tested on animals
Australian made 
made with natural DHA & organic aloe vera 
tried & tested on sensitive skin types with no reaction*
We’ve created the perfect, fault-free, no orange guaranteed spray tan solution.
This natural, green base bronzer solution contains no hidden nastiest.
Ideal for Skin Types 1- 4*
Development Guide
1 Coat- 6 Hours- Medium Glow
2 Coats- 4 Hours- Deep Glow
1 Coat- 8 Hours- Deep Glow
2 Coats- 1- 2 hours- Light to Medium Glow
*Remember with skin types 1-4, the more coats the less development time.
Perfect for brides, first-time spray tanners and weekly spray tanners as it mimics the skins “natural” bronze pigmentation

*Refresh your knowledge on skin types with our blog post 
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